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Well, the list is small yet and as this particular section is always changing, it probably won't grow much before I take it down. Anyways, here are a few sites you might enjoy...

Splash!: This is a very cute site with a nice layout (that is always changing) and well-thought out writing. She used IFrames similar to the way I'm using them here.

Pure Reflection: This is a beautiful site with extensive information that is very interesting to read. The new layout is ok, I love the pic used on the front page, it's so hard to cut out though!

Ice Senshi's Lake of Illusions: A Sailormercuy link list just wouldn't be complete without Bowaggi's infamous LOI. It's pleasing to the eye and fun to read, and very extensive!

Reflection: Reflection is a rather popular name now isn't it? This is a nice, uniquely designed site with good writing. This one's a very nice site, I especially liked the front page layout, (even though it doesn't fit together right through my browser) a little bubbley with an elegant fan-art picture. The writing is fairly good, but written in a way that makes you want to hurry through it instead of taking your time and really hearing the voice. (Or maybe I'm just in a hurrying mood)

Rainstorm:This is a cute little site very fitting to Ami, I think. The front page is a little cluttered, but it's much better than much of what I've seen. The writer has bad grammer, but that's ok, it's not so terrible that you can't read, you just have to add a few small words here or there.

It's kind of funny how they all link to eachother, just as I have here, huh?