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If you had been here, to this site, and had seen seen this page before, when I was new you will have known how utterly awful it was. I was making my very first website (with an html editing program) and had no knowledge of website building at all. I will give myself some credit, the site was not as bad as many of the sites that were, and still are out there polluting the internet, but compared to what I want it to be it was nothing. But that's not the point I'm trying to make or whatever, amongst the mess of bad and bland was this section. It was long, over worded and quite ridiculous in general. When I decided to renovate my site this was the first page I did. It's taken me many weeks to get to writing it so hopefully it will be better than okay. Enough of my mindless babbling! On to my mindful babbling, sorta.
Please remember that this is all my opinions and junk so don't flame me if what I say here doesn't reflect the average or ideal or your personal view on her worshipfulness.
I'll begin by saying that I don't think that Ami is perfect, like so many Ami fans seem to. She is my favorite because she is like an extreme of myself in some ways, but my opposite in other ways. I too, so I'm told, am an intellegant girl who has been somewhat ridiculed most of my life. But I'm not shy. I'm outspoken, strongwilled, maybe even bitchy, once in a while. In contrast to Ami's quiet subtle demeanor, I have a need to be seen, but I don't usually get the attention that I wish because of my fear of seeming self-involved as so many of us are. But enough about me, I'm getting off track again.
Ami's greatest charm is her modesty, she has those nice cheeks that blush so easily. Her greatest flaw is her self esteem, or lack thereof. The Ami you see from afar -that reserved, kind of nerdy girl- is somewhat different from the Ami that her closest friends see. Kind warm, with an easy gentle laugh. But despite your vantage point, the compiled nerd or the sweet friend, her -ehem- 'inner turmoil' (o.O) you might call it, (if your insane!) is present in all she does. (Next on Oprah, nerdy anime girls and the problems they face! Ami, we feel your pain.) Her low self esteem comes from the idea that she has to be perfect. We all suffer from irrational ideals, but she doesn't seem to realize how irrational that notion is. She also doesn't seem to notice, as she is very selfless and modest, that she has, essentially, reached that goal. I know, I know, I said earlier that I don't think she's perfect, but for her purposes, she is. If we can accept that one can never be completely perfect then we can accept that there are different degrees of perfection. In japanese society a girl is expected to be smart, clean, to keep up well on her studies, and to be rather quiet and shy. Does Ami not fall perfectly within these boundries? Growing up with a successful doctor as a mother must have also contributed for the pressure Ami feels to go above and beyond the rational call. She wants to be a doctor like her mother, and feels he must be impeccable in school to reach that goal. But it's harder than she realizes to meet her mother's success.

Ami's first real friend was Usagi, I think. Ami has always been shy and distracted around people, she was afraid of being made fun of, so she never really got to know anyone until Usagi pulled her into a warm friendship. As the show progresses she becomes friends with the other senshi, when she held back the senshi kind of take her hand and she learns that they will not judge her or ridicule her. Ami pours her heart and soul into her friendships. Maybe she is still afraid that her friends will eventually leave her, even though she knows that the Inners would never willingly be cruel to her. She is a great friend to all of them, she looks out for them in her own way. Encouraging them to keep up with school adn study, she's always there to tutor them or just talk. But now I'm getting mushy, so enough about how great a friend she is.

Hopefully you've gotten the idea that Ami is a shy person by now, she is especially shy around boys. Ami's not a boy-crazy teenager like Usagi, Minako or Makoto. She's shy around guys and the only person that she's been hinted at having a relationship with is Ryo-kun, a rainbow crystal holder;

While the Senshi were racing Zoisite and the other generals to find the holders of the rainbow crystals Ami was having some troubles of her own, on a recent practice math test, a person under the alias of Mercurian, (or something like that, I'm sorry I can't remember off the top of my head! ^.^;;) got a higher score than her! Now this hurt poor Ami's delicate ego, if she wasn't the top student what was she? Well that drove Ami to study harder and longer so she could beat this mysterious newcomer. Meanwhile Usagi was being her usual self, wondering around, cutting PE when she came upon the new boy, Ryo-kun on the roof. He was looking at a picture of Ami, which he quickly hid when he realized that Usagi was there. But Usagi had seen it and began asking him why he had it. As it turns out, (surprise surprise,) Ryo was the one who got a higher score than Ami on that test, he was using his psychic powers to cheat, hoping he could impress Ami. (He had a little thing for her.) His psychic pwers came from the crystal inside him, and Zoisite soon cought on to him. When Zoi attacked him and tried to turn Ryo-kun into a bad guy Sailormercury saved him, The other senshi stepped in to fight and Mercury Went to take care of Ryo. To her surprise, he caller her Ami. Well he got all better, but before the budding romance could bloom, Ryo's father got another promotion and they had to move once again. Ah well...
The only other romance that might have been is her relationship with Zoisite during the silver millenium, but of course we can only turn to fanfics for information on that. I believe that that is all I have to say, I hope you enjoyed my ramblings!

I wrote this other little section about Sailormercury/Ami that was originally going to a seperate section but it wasn't long enough and it's kinda scary, so I'll just link it here: Relate

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