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I've never really liked this section, I kinda-sorta stole it from some other website, (I don't remember which one,) but changed it quite a bit. Also, I am not the sort of person who judges people based on their clothes or make-up so this particular part of my site never really reached out to me. I do care about my appearance quite a bit though and so have some opinions on the subject, but I feel shallow just writing this. I've actually gotten some compliments on my old version too, so I decided to keep it up a little longer. I wouldn't count on it staying here for very long.

So basically, below I have a paragraph breifly descibing various types of clothing that you see Ami wear. I apologize for how much Anime and Manga are mixed, I only have the last four manga and Ami isn't shown much, there's only a bit of Sailormercury or the Princess of Mercury.

I think we'll all agree that the senshi's clothing are a bit... dippy. Out of all of them I think that Ami dresses the worst. She wears those awful bow-tie thingies, and virtually every dress you see her in has horrible puffy sleeves and wide skirts. The Anime is considerably worse than the manga, because you see the senshi in casual clothes more often. Those outfits look like something from the eighties, uck. Her school uniform is the same as Usagi's however, the knee-length pleated navy-blue skirt with a shortish shirt and bow. I kind of like this ensemble it fits Ami. Ami's Princess dress is a very nice one, (in the manga of course, the Anime dresses are not even worth mentioning) a light blue dress with long skirts that have a sort of slit thing up the middle in the front.

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