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I hope you have enjoyed my little sanctuary to Ami so far. Beautiful, talented, intellegant. Does she not deserve the millions of shrines to her elegance that people have made? Of course she does. Although, some of those shrines out there are an insult to Ami, it doesn't seem like they put much work into their web page, throw some animated gifs here, copy and paste some stats here, sometimes the person takes the time to copy someone else's opinion piece on the charactor and paste that on too. If your lucky they actually write their own paragraph about the charactor, but the majority have stats, and a link that says "Sign my Guest Book!!!" Maybe they'll have up an "Image gallery" of bad-quality screen captures that takes 5 minutes to load and still half of the pictures are broken because they were directly linked!
You can probably tell that I am incredibly annoyed with wading through the heaps waste that some people call a website. I would be ashamed to put my name on at least half of the Sailormoon websites out there. Only a few people can get by with a website like that in my mind, if you are under 12 years old, or if this is the VERY FIRST version of your VERY FIRST website and you are doing it through HTML and not using an editor.

Well, on that note, I have composed a small list of exceptional websites to maybe make surfing through the "Sailormoon Community" a little easier.