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Beautiful Dreamer:

You know, some people take liking this show way too far. I find it incredibly annoying to find people fighting savagely over who the most powerful Senshi is, which Scout is the prettiest, who has the best transformation or attacks. I remember how much it mattered to me, even thought I don't know WHY I cared so much, but I don't remember feeling that I had to fight with someone to prove that I was right. It is all opinion, and your opinion is just that, YOUR opinion. No one else has to see it your way, and you shouldn't feel that your opinion is 'right,' because an opinion is an opinion, it's is neither right nor wrong to anyone but yourself. I went on Yahoo yesterday and clicked into a room that two Sailormoon-enthusiasts were using as a verbal battleground to prove themselves right. The worst part to me is that they were using more opinions to prove that they were right, like "Sailorneptune is better because she's prettier, stronger, smarter and she's got better attacks!" the other person rebuked, "NO WAY!! Sailor Mars is waay better! She's way prettier and she's not as shallow and she's more popular and she's got waay better attacks too." I really get annoyed when people say that one of the senshi is more beautiful than the others because they are all extremely beautifully-drawn charactors and to compare their looks is shallow, idiotic, and unnecesarry. First of all, they're just CHARACTORS! They aren't real, they're not alive and they never will be, secondly they are all pretty in different ways, there are different types of beauty and of course it is irrelevant because if you must fight over who's better, than looks shouldn't come into consderation. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, cliche, I know, but true! Fighting over transformations and attack scenes is even worse to me, because in the original Manga which came out before the anime, there were no transformation scenes or lengthy attack scenes. Maybe I'm just angry because some dumb people came into MY non-sailormoon RP room and made a big scene arguing about who was better. We shouldn't be saying who is better than who in the first place, -especially fictional charactors- because everyone is different. Now I'm starting to sound like a first grade teacher so I'll sign off here.

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