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Sailormercury is said by many to be the weakest Senshi, (I personally think that Sailorchibimoon is obviously the weakest) and others say she is merely the weakest offensively, and excels to the place of most powerful defensive Senshi. I disagree with both of these statements.
Sailormercury- the weakest Senshi: I strongly, PASSIONATELY disagree with this statement. It's not only my immense annoyance to Chibimoon that makes me say that she is in my mind THE weakest senshi, but I won't expand upon that because it would be crude and inconsiderate. I'll just leave it at that I think Chibimoon is the weakest Senshi, not Sailormercury. Now I'm not sure who I think would be next weakest, as a faithful Mercury lover I can't point to her, but as an honest person I have to admit that she is not all that strong. There is the old, "she's just not an offensive fighter-" comeback which is true, none of her attacks could be classified under purely offensive. Even with the "not offensive" thing up our sleeves, us Mercury-philes are fighting an uphill battle to defend our defensive defender of love and justice. Her attacks (even if they are defensive) are kind of weak. I mean what is a cloud of bubbles supposed to do to an opponent? Pop them into submission? But then again, it does manage to confuse the villans half of the time, what does that say about the villans? Of course, the Senshi always have a hard time defeating them, so what does that say about the Senshi? Mm... that's a discussion for another day.
She's the STRONGEST defensive Senshi!: This brings us back to the forementioned "She's just not offensive!" thing. My problem with this sentance is that a lot of the time an enthusiastic "She's the strongest defensive senshi." is tacked on after it. Again, I disagree. My idea of most powerful defensive Senshi is Sailorsaturn (coincidentally, she's also the most powerful offensively in my mind.) While she may have only one defensive attack, it is powerful. Plus she can destroy a world, which is one ultimate attack and can be seen as defensive and offensive. I honestly would put Mercury up there with Saturn in terms of defensive power though.
I think many will agree that Sailormercury's greatest asset to the Senshi team is her planning, and computer skills. While Michiru may equal, (or surpass) Ami's brains, Sailorneptune does not apply them to her fighting as Mercury does. Sailormercury's quick thinking and thoughtful planning make up for her less powerful attacks, and has saved the Senshi's hides more than once.
I wrote this other little section about Sailormercury/Ami that was originally going to a seperate section but it wasn't long enough and it's kinda scary, so I'll just link it here: Relate

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