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A few months ago I was browsing my various websites, surveying and writing a to-do list and such when I came upon this little site. The front page was bland and imageless except for my dreary banner and the info pages were the same as many others. They consisted of some poorly written excuses for content with much of the same information as many other sites. It was a sad excuse for a site, but it was the first site I had made so I had a special sentiment for it. I decided that my first priority should be redoing it. I started right away, designing a front page layout. I have been picking away at my pathetic site, and it is slowly becoming less pathetic. I've since been through four layouts, three of which have been uploaded and used and have redone the layouts for most of the existing pages. Basically all I've got left to do is write them and maybe add a few funner sections. I'm hoping to finish my existing pages over the winter holiday. Hopefully websurfers will appreciate it.
Happy New Year everyone! Today, I uploaded this page, wow. Angelcities still down :(
I uploaded my cream layout today, as well as Past Appearances, my opinion piece about Ami and Illusions, my opinion piece about Sailormercury, Ami's closet, and that lovely "condemned" page that I put up in place of the pages I haven't uploaded yet. I have attempted to upload some content onto my Angelcities account but Angelcities is DOWN, maybe it was a y2k bug, I hope it doesn't last long...

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