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Well, sorry people but I accidentally deleted my old version of this and I don't have the references any longer, plus, I just don't feel like writing this section any time soon, so it will be mostly down until I gain the strength to write it an stuff. I really don't want to write this, I'm using an editor so it probably looks rather bland. I'm sorry. I also managaed to delete my Zoisite picture. What I have now is a short paragraph of what I remember about the stone.

Sapphire is Ami's favorite stone, it is found in a variety of different colors: yellow, red, orange, transparent as well as blue.
Zoisite is Ami's general in the silver millanium story, he has the name of a beautiful red and green gemstone. It is an opaque red and green with black splotches, I think it looks kind of watermelon-like. There are a few kinds of Zoisite, includng Zoisite, Thulite and Tanzanite.
Thulite is a type of Zoisite, much like Zoisite except just red.
Tanzanite is a type of Zoisite. It is generally a transparent blueish-purple.

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